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Source: NOOA-AVHRR satellite image, bands 1, 2, 4, October 7, 1997. Provided by the Institute of Geography of UNAM. Processed in CONABIO's Remote Sensing area.

This is a collection of thematic cartography representing the main characteristics of physical and biotic environments of the area of impact of Hurricane Pauline, which occurred in Mexican coasts in October, 1997.

CONABIO´s interest was to show of the main damages Hurricane Pauline caused in its path. The area of interest was defined along the major divisions of the hydrological basins. . Cartographic information of this region was compiled from the National Meteorological Service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional) -which provided all data of the cyclon´s path-, the Department of Environment, Natural Resources and Fishing -provided support in ground truth , and CONABIO - provided, from its database, collection sites corresponding to four biological groups: amphibians and reptiles, birds, plants and mammals.

This information was processed in CONABIO using a geographic information system with the following scales: 1:1000 000 and 1:4000 000; all cartographic results are available for the public.

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