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Please read all of this first!


How do I identify a plant?


We don't have formal keys for the species yet. If you have some experience with plant identification, and know the botanical family of your plant, you can go to the first species of the family in the family species list. Then go from one species to the next by using the links beneath the pictures (<<< anterior especie siguiente >>>), like turning pages in a book.


We have also prepared some illustrated, comparative tables. Two are for the largest families - composites and grasses - and the rest are arranged by flower color. All species in the site are included.


Comparative tables


Composites = Asteraceae

Grasses and similars (Cyperaceae, Juncaceae)

Plants with white flowers

Plants with yellow or cream-colored flowers

Plants with red or orange flowers

Plants with purple flowers

Plants with rose-colored or light purple flowers

Plants with blue flowers

Plants with green or brown flowers




To identify a plant using the illustrations, we suggest the following:

We can help you by substituting illustrations for text with technical terms. However, we cannot substitute your careful observation of the plant characteristics, or the comparison with the images, the description and other support. A person with experience can often identify a plant at a glance; a beginner cannot. Many plant species look very much alike!


This guide is just starting and therefore still incomplete, both in terms of species included and the factsheets. There is no guarantee that you will be able to find your plant - so please compare carefully.


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