Adjustment of the collection of Lepidopters of the Museum of Zoology “Alfonso L. Herrera” (MZFC, UNAM)

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M. en C. Moisés Armando Luis Martínez
Colección de Lepidoptera del Museo de Zoología “Alfonso L. Herrera”.

This project  intended to update the curatorial and bibliographic databases as well as the authority dictionary from Lepidoptera collection of the Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera "(MZFC) with new information . The project that have been supported by the The Mexican National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO), in addition to joining 40.055 curatorial records from the specimens in the collection on the Museum of Zoology. We join all the databases in a single base, the base also attached for bibliographic and authority dictionary.

The final database is currently supported on the program developed by CONABIO "BIOTICA" referred to as version 5.0. It contains more than475,000 curatorial records, 2,500 citations of Papilionoidea of Mexico and the updated authority dictionary of this group. The database will be named from this project as MARIPOSA.

The database MARIPOSA Collection of Lepidoptera aims to generate a list of Mexican butterfly species considered as priorities in the diversity analysis and conservation. The project V010, 40.055 records were entered, representing 527especies over 6 families and 259 genera with 234 species Hesperiidae (4.268entries), with 26 Papilionidae species (1.234 logs), Pieridae con 43 species(10.123 records, Lycaenidae with 21 species (1.917 entries),  Riodinidae with16 species (212 records) and Nymphalidae with 187 species (22,301 records).

The 40.055 records are distributed in 325 locations in 26 states of Mexico, being the state of Veracruz, which had the highest number of records with 11.054 records and the state of Guerrero on the greatest number of species with 227.

The database in REMIB contains 427,297 specimens corresponding to 432 genera, 1183 species, and it pertains to the SNIB.

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