Phototropic Bacteria Diversity at the Benthic Microbial Communities at Bahía Concepcion, B.C.S. (CIBNOR)

Northwest Biological Research Center, S.C.
Mar Bermejo No. 195,
Col. Playa Palo de Santa Rita
Apdo. Postal 128
23090 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico
Phone: (612) 123 84 84


Dr. Alejandro Lopez Cortes
Ecology and Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory
Department of Microbiology
Phone: (612) 123 84 84 ext 3425 y 3653

The goal of the project was to characterize the cyanobacteria and anoxygenic phototropic bacteria that build benthic microbial communities or any other type of microbial organizations in hot springs, evaporative plains and marine bottoms at
Bahía Concepción, B.C.S., Mexico. The strains are preserved in liquid nitrogen (-196 °C) as monocyanobacterial cultures and are included in the CIBNOR microalgae collection.

The database, which belongs to SNIB, contains information on 8 records from 4 families, 7 genera and 8 species belonging to Leptolyngbya thermalis, Limnothrix amphigranulata, Oscillatoria limnetica, Phormidium rubrum, Phormidium okeni, Synechococcus cedrorum, Synechococcus elongatus y Synechocystis aquatilis.

Northwest Biological Research Center, S.C.

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