CICIMAR-IPN Phycological Collection

Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Sciences
National Polytechnic Institute
Av. Instituto Politécnico Nacional s/n
Col. Palo de Santa Rita
Apdo. Postal 592
23096 La Paz, B.C.S.
Tel. (612) 122 5344 y 122 5366
Fax (612) 122 5322


Dra. Maria Margarita Casas Valdez
Curator of the Phycological Collection
Macroalgae Laboratory

The CICIMAR-IPN Phycological Collection database belongs to SNIB. It has 1 322 specimen from 53 families, 139 genera and 286 species of the Rhodophyta, Phaeophyta, Chlorophyta and Cyanophyta divisions.

Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Sciences

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