Reference Collection of Mollusks from the Mexican Pacific (ICMyL-MAZ, UNAM)

Marine and Limnological Science Institute Mazatlan, UNAM
Av. Joel Montes Camarena s/n, Fracc. Playa Sur
Mazatlán, Sin., México
Phone: (69) 81 6680 82 5546
Phone at México, D.F.: 5622 5771 5805
Fax (69) 82 6133

Dr. Michel E. Hendrickx Reners
Laboratory of Benthonic Invertebrates
Phone: (69) 85 2845 2846 2847 - 2848

The Laboratory of Bentonic Invertebrates has directed its research toward the study of communities of marine invertebrate and of salt waters of the Mexican Pacific, at times extending to the fauna of the tropical east Pacific or the east Pacific. Species or groups of species in bentonic and pelagic environments have been studied, emphasizing the communities of Decapods and Stomatopods, Crustacea, as well as mollusks.

The information now contained in the database of this collection includes 1 490 records of samples pertaining to 132 families, 333 genera and 664 species of mollusks.

Marine and Limnological Science Institute Mazatlan, UNAM