The Weberbauer Herbarium (MOL)

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
Av. La Universidad s/n - La Molina
A.p. 456 Lima 100 - Peru
Tel: 349 5647 / 349 5669
Fax : 435 2260

Dra Graciela Vilcapoma Segovia
Director and Curator of the Weberbauer Herbarium
Department of Biology

Biol. Reynaldo Alvarez Grillo
Head of the Database
Weberbauer Herbarium


The Weberbauer Herbarium has as its main goal the preservation of the Types, Holotypes and Isotypes of the Peruvian flora as well as the recording of the new specimen included in the Herbarium. The plants collected are native curative plants from Peru, the wild relatives of the cultivated native species; flora from the Huaral, Chillón, Rimac, Turín and Cañete Basins as well as from the Lima Region; ordinary ornamental species found in public parks and gardens in the Lima Province; species with pesticidal and dyeing properties and other plants showing some economic importance.

The database includes 12 565 specimen corresponding to 225 families, 1386 genera and 3370 species.

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina