Collection of Ichthyology from the Bravo River in Mexico (UANL)

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
Biological Science Faculty
Av. Pedro de Alba s/n
Ciudad Universitaria
66450 San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon
Phone. (81) 83 29 4110

Dr. Salvador Contreras Balderas
Laboratory of Ichthyology

The database contains information on collections of fish from the Mexican part of the geohydraulic basin of Rio Bravo contained in the Ichthyology Collection of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, which includes the satellite basins of the rivers and lagoons Casas Grandes, Santa Maria, Carmen, Bavicora, Nazas, Aguanaval, Parras and Santiaguillo, as well as the heads of the Yaqui and Mezquital rivers which faunistically are their derivatives.

This collection contains 6 256 curatorial records corresponding to 38 families, 85 genera and 187 species.

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

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