International Expert Workshop on CITES Non-Detriment Findings
Cancun, Mexico, November 17th to 22nd, 2008
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The NDF Workshop was held in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico from December 17th to 22nd 2008 and it was attended by 103 participants coming from 33 countries of the six CITES regions.

The workshop started with four plenary presentations followed by a discussion session on Monday 17th of November, which settled a common language on NDFs and a starting point for the Working Groups.

Each of the nine Working Groups were in session on Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th and a half day on Thursday 20th. During those days, experts presented 60 case studies and, together with co-chairs, developed taxon-based guidelines for making NDFs on different groups of plants and animals.

During the last sessions (Thursday 20th afternoon and Friday 21st) the Working Groups presented their results in order to rise general conclusions of the event.

On Saturday 22nd, the Steering Committee had a half day session in order to develop a document on the workshop to be presented before the Animals and Plants Committees on 2009, where common lines between Working Groups results will be highlighted.

Workshop products can be consulted at Workshop Results section.