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Queries can be made under the following conditions:

a.  Queries: the user querying information on REMIB is obliged to notify those projects for whom they require information, and the form of academic acknowledgement required in relation to the intellectual ownership of the collectors, determinators or institutions that have generated the information.
b. Acknowledgements: each user consulting the database is obliged to mention in their acknowledgements and bibliographic citations the original source of the data. i.e., they must cite REMIB, the nodes consulted, as well as the suppliers of the data, and this acknowledgement must also be given in any subsequent use of the data.
c. Responsibility: neither REMIB nor the curator of the database takes responsibility for the accuracy and/or reliability of the data or of the uses that the data might be put.
d. Information obtained: the user has the responsibility that the information supplied will not be used to the detriment of national flora and fauna conservation (i.e. species trade) or in processes that irreversibly alter the ecological equilibrium (i.e. indiscriminate extraction or the introduction of alien species).
f. Commercial use of the data: the user must inform the REMIB if the data extracted is going to be used for commercial gain or profit.
e. Production of materials: if the central node or any other node of REMIB produces material for a user (such as, data summaries or syntheses, graphics, statistics, etc.) the node should:
        a. acknowledge through citations, the original sources of all data used.
        b. acknowledge the curator of the source of data used and inform him about the queries made to his data.
g. Redistribution: data cannot be redistributed.
h. Availability of the information:
        NA.- the field "Not available" was entered by the curator of the database.
        999,99.- for the longitude and latitude data, indicates that the data is "Not available".
        Null.- data was not entered in the field.
        Restricted.- the institutional node has restricted access to the information.

Note: National Authorities will be informed about anyone who does not respect the conditions mentioned above. Any unauthorized editing, reproduction, redistribution, addition or reduction of all or part of the information in REMIB or whatever other form of commercial exploitation for gain undertaken without the consent of those responsible for said data and REMIB is strictly forbidden.

Warning: The information contained in REMIBís data base could present some geographic inconsistencies, taxonomic errors or could be incomplete. If you detect inconsistencies please contact

Last update: August 15 2006