Articulate coralline algae (Rhodophyta-corallinales) of Mexico (ENCB, IPN)

National School of Biological Sciences
National Polytechnic Institute
Prol. de Carpio y Plan de Ayala s/n
Col. Casco de Santo Tomas
11340 Mexico D.F.
Phone: 5729 6000
Fax 5729 6000 ext 46205

Biol. Angela Catalina Mendoza
Curator of the Phycological Collection
Herbarium of the ENCB
Department of Botany
Phone: 5729 6000 ext 62330

The algae are ecollogically important organisms since they comprise the base in the food chains that end in mankind. Moreover, they are oxygen and energy suppliers in their aquatic environment.

The database contains 1 423 specimens pertaining to 1 family, 8 genera and 33 species, and it pertains to the SNIB.

Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas

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