Atlas of Planktonic Copepods of Yucatan, Mexico (ECOSUR-CH)

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Research efforts aimed at learning about the fauna of continental waters have been scarce, notwithstanding that the Copepod is one of the most relevant groups in Mexico and unquestionably the least known. The very small size of the Copepod (0.7-1.5 mm), the need to dissect its appendices for their specific determination and their complex taxonomy are some of the factors that have limited the number of studies and specialists that have engaged in them. The database has information on Copepod fauna in the continental waters in the Yucatan Peninsula, from various collections and from an analysis of specialized literature.

The information contained in the database of this collection pertains to the SNIB and includes 284 records of samples that correspond to the Ameiridae, Canthocamptidae, Cletodidae, Corycaeidae, Cyclopidae, Diaptomidae and Diosaccidae families and includes 24 genera and 40 species of planktonic copepods.

Museum of Zoology

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