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The National Information System on Biodiversity (SNIB) is formed by various elements and is in charge of compiling and synthesizing information on biodiversity and biological resources of Mexico, in order to establish a national inventory of species and provide assistance in regard to biological diversity to the government and the social and private sectors.

The elements that form SNIB are all the databases provided by the projects supported by Conabio throughout the country, with taxonomic, geographic, ecological data, geographic coverages on topography, hydrography, vegetation, climate and satellite pictures, information systems for reforesting, fires and biosecurity, as well as various types of regionalizations.


The databases that pertain to the SNIB and that form a part of REMIB are submitted to an information validation process before being placed on line for consultation by the general public. The truth and the updating of the information is the responsibility of the database curator (in charge of the project). The following demonstrates the internal validation process carried out at Conabio, in close coordination with the curator of the database, to avoid any inconsistencies in the geographic information and the nomenclature.

The consolidation of the SNIB has broad implications that benefit both scientific research and our capacity as a nation to confront the challenges of utilization, monitoring and conservation of our biological wealth. In this sense, REMIB acts as the portal through which this information is made available to the various government entities, non-government organizations, the academic sector and the public in general.