Collection of Radiolaria from the Gulf of California, Mexico (ICMyL-DF, UNAM)

Marine and Limnological Science Institute - D.F., UNAM
Circuito Exterior Ciudad Universitaria,
Col. Copilco Universidad, Coyoacán
04510 México, D.F.
Phone: 5622 5771 - 5805
Fax 5616 2745

Dr. Adolfo Molina Cruz
Laboratory of Foraminifer Ecology and Micropaleontology
Phone: 5622 5836 - 5816

The information contained in this collection helps to propagate the taxonomic and biogeographic knowledge of the majority of the species of radiolaria (Polycystina order) existing in the Gulf of California. The data derive from 121 sedimentary-superficial samples collected through a "large diameter" (12 cm) nucleator during 8 oceanographic experiments. A total of 5 879 specimens were identified, grouped into 23 families, 113 genera and 174 species and the collection pertains to the SNIB.

Marine and Limnological Science Institute - D.F., UNAM

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