Herbarium of the Institute of Ecology, A. C., Mexico (IE-BAJÍO)

Institute of Ecology, A.C. - Bajio
Av. Lázaro Cárdenas 253
61600 PAtzcuaro, Mich.
Phone: (434) 342 2698

Dr. Jerzy Rzedowski
Herbarium IEB
Phone: (434) 342 2698
e-mail: jerzy@inecolbajio.edu.mx

The database of the IEB Herbarium contains information on the flora of the Bajío. It consists of 164 460 registries of samples corresponding to 286 families, 2 550 genera and 16 460 species and pertains to the SNIB.

The data base of the project Q017 is being corrected and updated since some inconsistencies in the geographic information could appear. If you detect them, please contact remib@xolo.conabio.gob.mx.

Institute of Ecology, A.C. - Bajio

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