Collection of Mammals of the Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera", Mexico (MZFC, UNAM)

The Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera"
Science Faculty, UNAM
Apdo. Postal 70-399
04510 Mexico, D.F.
Phone: 5622 4954
Fax 5622 4828

M.C. Livia León Paniagua
Collection of Mammals
Phone: 5622 4832

The database of the Mammal Collection of the Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera" includes information on specimens collected in the State Ecological Park of Omiltemi, Chilpancingo, Guerrero; in the region of Los Chimalapas located in the eastern part of the state of Oaxaca, bordering on Chiapas and Veracruz, and it includes the Sierra Atravesada, Sierra de Tres Picos and the Sierra Espinazo del Diablo and the basins of the Corte and Alto Uxpanapa rivers and in the state of Queretaro in the Sierra Gorda.

The Collection contains 6 652 records pertaining to 27 families, 104 genera and 197 species, and pertains to the SNIB.

The Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera"

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