Collection of Ornithology of the Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera", Mexico (MZFC, UNAM)

The Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera"
Science Faculty, UNAM
Apdo. Postal 70-399
04510 Mexico, D.F.
Phone: 5622 4825
Fax 5622 4828

Dr. Adolfo Navarro Sigüenza
Collection of Ornithology
Phone: 5622 4832

The birds of Mexico are a very important group at the international level. The national bird fauna is so great that of the approximately 10 000 that exist in the world, close to 1 060, that is, more than 10% have been registered in the country. The project contemplates the construction of a database containing the geo-referenced distribution data of birds in Mexico, taken from literature and original information of various specialists, particularly observation records.

The database of birds contains approximately 11 126 samples from North America and Costa Rica corresponding to 79 families, 345 genera and 684 species, including infra-specific categories, and it pertains to the SNIB.

The Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera"

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