Collection of Lepidopters of the Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera", Mexico (MZFC, UNAM)

The Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera"
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M.C. Armando Luis Martínez
Collection of Lepidoptera
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The database of the Collection of Lepidopters proposes to generate a list of species of Mexican butterflies considered as priority in the analysis of diversity and conservation. It has information for the protected area known as the Yaxchilan Natural Monument, to be used to promote the adequate use of this area by the Chol indigenous community of the Corozal Border, which has the greatest influence on the monument. Information is also presented in regard to the State Ecological Park of Omiltemi in Chilpancingo, Guerrero; the region of the Chimalapas in Oaxaca; the eastern Basin of the Balsas, particularly that of the Sierra de Huautla and adjacent areas and of the states of Veracruz, Michoacan, Jalisco, the Federal District, Colima, Nayarit, Tabasco, Tamaulpias and Sonora. Lastly, it includes information on the Eumaeini tribe which is characterized because the majority of its species present populations with low densities, closely linked to conserved environments, which makes it a group of interest for conservation studies, since its populations are being affected rapidly by the destruction of the primary habitat.

The database contains information corresponding to the Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae, Papilionidae and Pieridae families with close to 33 675 specimens corresponding to 185 genera, 426 species of lepidopters, and it pertains to the SNIB.

The Museum of Zoology "Alfonso L. Herrera"

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