Mammals from Nuevo Leon, Mexico (UANL)

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
Biological Science Faculty
Av. Pedro de Alba s/n
Ciudad Universitaria
66450 San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon
Phone. (81) 83 29 4110

Dr. Arturo Jimenez Guzman
Laboratory of Mastozoology

The relevance of the mammals from an economical viewpoint is observed in the flows of energy in which they intervene within the ecosystem such as the occupancy of specific places in the trophic chains, the contribution to the circulation of nutrients and participation in the propagation of certain plant species, principally. Notwithstanding their economic, ecologic and social transcendence, the lack of knowledge is notable in relation to the situation in which natural populations are found, the use to which they are subject and the effect which the activities of man have upon them, to mention a few. Consequently, the changes in the ecologic environment must be analyzed to evaluate the transformations and proposed actions to minimize the impact caused by human infrastructure. This database contains the inventory of the mammals located in the state of Nuevo Leon, from data obtained from various existing collections, fieldwork specifically to complement the Collection of Mammals of Nuevo Leon at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and documentary research on the mammals of the state.

The last product of this project is a database containing information of 5 276 samples corresponding to 24 families, 101 genera and 254 species, and pertains to the SNIB.

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

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