Pines from the Northeast of Mexico (UANL)

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
Biological Science Faculty
Av. Pedro de Alba s/n
Ciudad Universitaria
66450 San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León
Phone: (81) 83 29 4110

Dra. Susana Favela Lara
Laboratory of Fauna and Wildlife
Department of Ecology
Phone: (81) 83 29 4110

The Pinus genus is represented by close to 100 species, all except one of which are confined to the Northern hemisphere and almost half of them occur in natural forests of Mexico. The pines cover large extensions of the Republic from 500 to 4 000 msnm. The bibliographic background show that for Northeastern Mexico, about 32 species of pines have been reported; Nuevo Leon is the state at a national level that has the greatest diversity of this genus with 26 species, Coahuila with 22 and Tamaulipas with 9 species. The database of Pines of Northeastern Mexico is represented by 19 species corresponding to 1 100 specimens and pertains to the SNIB.

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

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