Herbarium of the University of Sonora, Mexico (USON)

University of Sonora
Department of Scientific and Technological Research
Av. Rosales y Niņos Heroes s/n
83000 Hermosillo, Son.
Phone:(662) 259 2185
Phone:(662) 259 2195
Fax (662) 259 2197

M.C. Jesús Sánchez Escalante
Herbarium USON
Phone: (662) 259 2195
e-mail: jsanchez@guayacan.uson.mx

The Herbarium of the University of Sonora contains information on the flora of the State of Sonora and is represented by 5 185 samples pertaining to 151 families, 695 genera and 1 658 species of plants of northwestern Mexico, and it pertains to SNIB.The collection is formed by collections of ethno-botanical works containing the principal useful plants of the various ethnic groups of the state, collections of ecology studies, studies on flora and studies on the impact of forests and arid and semi-arid zones of Sonora.

University of Sonora

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