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Conabio   Hot spots  Software for consult of geographic data

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Conabio has designed a program by means of which you can display and consult the information contained in the SHAPEFILE files corresponding to the hot spots maps. They are provided in the section of tables and can be seen in the section of dynamic maps.

This program is available for free on the web page. To obtain it, you only have to download the program as follows:

Your computer should meet the following minimal requirements to install and run the SIG-CONABIO system:

  • Windows 98, version 2 or higher

  • Windows NT 4 Service Pack 5 or higher

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows Me

  • Windows XP

  • 128 MB or more RAM

  • Hard disk with a minimum of 50 MB available (after Windows installation)

  • SVGA monitor

  • Instructions for Installing CONABIO Program (several files)

    1. Download the Setup.zip, data2.cab, data3.cab, data4.cab, data5.cab, data6.cab, data7.cab and data8.cab files into a single folder (subdirectory).

    Setup.zip (1.8 MB)
    data2.cab (3.6 MB)
    data3.cab (6 MB)
    data4.cab (6 MB)
    data5.cab (6 MB)
    data6.cab (6 MB)
    data7.cab (6 MB)
    data8.cab (6 MB)


    2. Uncompress the Setup.zip file

    3. Run the setup.exe file to begin installation

    Other programs can be used to open SHAPEFILE files, such as Arc View and ArcExplorer. ESRI distributes the latter free at http://www.esri.com/software/arcexplorer/index.html

    User Manual (in PDF format)

  • User Manual