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Geoinformation is a section for consultation and formation of thematic maps, satellite images and methodologies to support better management in the integration of spatially referenced data.
This section is divided into various subsections: a) Metadata and Digital Map Library, b) Map Library (internal use), c) Georeferencing, d) Satellite Images on-line and e) Satellite Images Metadata (internal use).
In the digital metadata and mapoteca sections, it is possible to access and obtain (digital layers) on-line various subject, compatible for use in geographic information systems. The description of each product through its metadata according to the FGDC structure (Federal Geographic Data Committee, 1998)
In the   georeferencing section it is possible to download the methodology for assigning coordinates to a site using   the geographical  description Locality.
In the section corresponding to on-line satellite images, available are those from the AVHRR and MODIS sensors; they are received with reception antennas currently installed in Conabio.

The information is complemented by the methodology of preparation and geographic metadata of the products.


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