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On line cartography is now available through cartographic metadata. This cartographic information is distributed through the guidelines in the Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata of FGDC-NBII (Federal Geographic Data Committee National Biological Information Infrastructure) ,1996.

The cartographic information is queried through a database which is organized based on catalogs like: theme (biotic, physical and social aspects, regionalization and others), scales and geographic area. The metadata content is presented into three items: basic information, reports of the information (methodology) and spatial data information.

The cartography is available on line at no charge in distinct formats like: export file for Arc/Info (.E00) and shapefile (ESRI), and DXF (Drawing eXchange Format).

Cartography is presented in cartographic projections: Lambert Conic Conformal, UTM and geographic coordinates system.

GIF format of map images is obtained as well.

Acronyms and initials

Arc/Info: Geographic information system developed by ESRI "Environmental System Research Institute, Inc."
DXF: Drawing Exchange Format, "vector format" widely used by software type CAD.
GIF: Graphic Interchange Format, file format developed by Compuserve Information Service in 1987 to store 256 colors in raster graphic images.
METADATA: Data description.


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