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BIÓTICA© is an information system especially designed to handle curatorial, nomenclatural, geographic and bibliographic data. It also allows for the handling of biological interactions (host-parasite, epiphyte-host) and accessory collections (laminas of pollen, xiloteca, samples of tissue), the export of information geo-referenced to commercial SIG and the generation of special information in its own SIG, the site of the localities, validation of the information and a great variety of consultations. It also includes catalogues of lists of authorities, collections, institutions, states and municipalities, types of vegetation and growth forms.

Biótica was developed in a modular manner, both in the structure of the database and in its system, to permit the user to include information from various taxonomic groups according to the respective needs. Biótica incorporates the observations and suggestions of numerous institutions and specialists who have contributed their experience and know-how in obtaining a useful tool, adaptable to the needs and easily handled.

For more information consult the CONABIO page: Information System Biótica©