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REMIB functions with institutions that possess databases on biodiversity and natural resources, which act as nodes, and their researchers or experts are responsible for the information.

The nodes are the institutions where the biological scientific collections or other sources of original data on biodiversity are physically located, as well as the computer workstations where the exchange of data contained in this network operates. The person in charge of the node is the formal representative of the institution where the node is located and his function is to hook up the institution with REMIB, and channel the relations of the Board of Directors and the Academic Committee with the institution and the curators.

The central node has its headquarters in Conabio, which is not in charge of any scientific collection; however, it has databases provided by experts which pertain to the National System of Information on Biodiversity (SNIB). It is also in charge of establishing the rules and procedures for operating REMIB, for developing the programming tools that allow for the connection between nodes and for providing the necessary technical support. In addition, it coordinates the participation of the institutional nodes and promotes the entry of new institutions as members of REMIB (fig).

We are convinced that the consolidation of this network has broad implications to the benefit, not only of scientific research but also of those government and non-government agencies that require trustworthy and updated information in order to face up to the challenges of utilization, monitoring and conservation of biological wealth throughout the world, while placing us in a vanguard position in efforts.